In Vitro Expressed GPCR Inserted in Polymersome Membranes for Ligand-Binding Studies

Posted: 19 November 2012

Authors: Sylvia May,Mirjam Andreasson-Ochsner,Zhikang Fu,Ying Xiu Low ,Dr. Darren Tan,Dr. Hans-Peter M. de Hoog,Dr. Sandra Ritz,Dr. Madhavan Nallani,Prof. Dr. Eva-Kathrin Sinner


The dopamine receptor D2 (DRD2), a G-protein coupled receptor is expressed into PBd22-PEO13 and PMOXA20-PDMS54-PMOXA20 block copolymer vesicles (see scheme). The conformational integrity of the receptor is confirmed by antibody- and ligand-binding assays. Replacement of bound dopamine is demonstrated on surface-immobilized polymersomes, thus making this a promising platform for drug screening.