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ACM Biolabs was founded in Singapore in 2013 to develop its proprietary polymer-based delivery platform. ACM Biolabs with operations in Singapore, Basel, Switzerland and Sydney, Australia is developing next generation immune-modulators, infectious disease vaccines and cancer therapeutic vaccines. Our lead asset, ACM-001, uses polymersomes to deliver SARS-CoV-2 beta variant antigen is being tested both intranasally and intramuscularly in Phase 1 studies. ACM Biolabs with its proprietary and non-immunogenic, inert delivery platform to deliver proteins, peptides, mRNA and oligonucleotides to revolutionize vaccines and therapies.

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SGP-L-1005-22-11-S | 10 November 2022 


ACM Biolabs Pte LTD is an innovative biotechnology company situated on the NTU campus closely working with ACM Biosciences AG in Basel, Switzerland. We use a revolutionary new technology to advance the boundaries of human health in the field of vaccinations and therapeutics. 

At ACM Biolabs we are focused on developing novel vaccines using our proprietary artificial cell membrane (“ACM”) technology. With ACM Technology, we are able to incorporate multiple antigens (Proteins/Peptides/mRNA) in polymeric nano-vesicles, allowing them to induce a strong immune reaction. We have demonstrated efficacy via both injected and oral dosages using multiple antigens and have a growing pipeline of vaccines. Our current focus is to progress ACM-COVID vaccine further in clinical development, along with a rich pipeline of infectious disease and immunoncology vaccines. 

About the job: 

You will be responsible for various product development projects focusing on therapeutic cancer vaccine and prophylactic infectious disease. Your scientific tasks include:  

  • Lead both intellectually and experimentally to advance a candidate vaccine through preclinical and, if successful, clinical development.  
  • Communicate results clearly with all parties involved to contribute to daily advancement of vaccine programs and strategic decisions. 
  • Proactive interaction with multidisciplinary team comprising of polymer chemists, biochemists, immunologists and clinicians. 
  • Ability to design and execute experiments (both in vitro and in vivo), analyse and interpret results. 
  • Keep accurate record of experiments and results. 
  • Project Management and coordination of project with various teams in Singapore and in Basel to achieve milestones. 

Position Requirements: 

  • PhD in a relevant field such as Pharmacy, Biomedical engineering, Chemical Engineering, Polymer chemistry, Chemistry, etc. 
  • Prior experience with formulations of proteins/peptides/oligos (DNA/RNA) and in vivo experiments are crucial. 
  • Must be comfortable in a fast-paced environment and ability to multi-task in a dynamic start-up environment. 
  • Candidate must be creative, open and enjoy working in a team. 
  • Excellent team player while still able to work individually. 
  • Experience with formulation development experience in lipid nanoparticles, liposomal formulations with antigens will be a plus.  
  • Candidates must have excellent written/oral communication skills and strong track record of scientific publications. 

ACM Biolabs offers a competitive salary package. Please note, only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Please send your CVs to