ACM Biosciences and Dr. Steve Pascolo, University Hospital Zurich awarded a prestigious Innosuisse grant to partner and develop stable mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

ACM Biosciences and Dr. Steve Pascolo, University Hospital Zurich awarded a prestigious Innosuisse grant to partner and develop stable mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

Basel, 27 May 2021 – ACM Biosciences AG, a Swiss biotechnology company focusing on the development of their proprietary polymersome-based vaccines, today announced that Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, has awarded a grant for the development of a novel delivery system for mRNA COVD-19 vaccines. Dr. Steve Pascolo, global expert in mRNA vaccines and group leader at the University Hospital Zurich, and ACM Biosciences will join forces to develop a stable and novel carrier for mRNA with improved properties regarding storage at refrigerator temperature, logistics, and flexibility.

mRNA-based vaccines are one of the most important scientific breakthroughs arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, these vaccines are burdened with drawbacks that limit their widespread use. Specifically, they are unstable, requiring complex cooling solutions for transport and storage, and the manufacturing of the final product is complex and costly. With this project, ACM Biosciences aims to maximize the potential of mRNA vaccines by developing a novel vaccine carrier system to improve their efficacy, stability, and cost effectiveness. The proprietary Artificial Cell Membranes (ACMs) from ACM Biosciences are based on an innovative nanotechnology platform using non-immunogenic polymersomes as its stable carrier. In parallel to this project, the company is developing a sub-unit protein based COVID-19 vaccine candidate in clinical trials and is conducting an mRNA proof of concept stability and immunogenicity study.

Dr. Steve Pascolo, Principal Investigator at the University Hospital Zurich and co-founder of CureVac, a leading mRNA company, commented:

“A polymersome carrier would have a simpler structure than a lipid nanoparticle carrier, which is the current standard for mRNA vaccines. This could yield clear benefits such as higher stability with easier storage and handling, cheaper production and making global supply possible even in areas with poor infrastructure.”

“We are delighted to collaborate with Dr. Steve Pascolo with the support from Innosuisse to validate the polymersomes for mRNA delivery,” added Dr. Peter Moran, CEO of ACM Biosciences. “Through this public-private partnership, ACM Biosciences will push this platform as a stable mRNA vaccine closer to clinics. We are excited with this opportunity to strengthen our pipeline of polymersome-based vaccines as a highly effective and stable carrier.

About ACM
Biosciences ACM Biosciences was incorporated in Basel, Switzerland, in 2020 as the human infectious disease vaccine company of ACM Biolabs, which is based in Singapore, a leader in protein vaccines and novel nanoparticle delivery techniques in the oncology and veterinary fields. ACM Biosciences is dedicated to the development of infectious disease vaccines using the proprietary ACM polymersome platform technology. These artificial cell membranes (ACM) are nanoscale vesicles that are conceptually very similar to liposomes and have shown to have numerous advantages for both veterinary and human vaccines, including viral, bacterial, and oncological diseases. ACM Biosciences is now accelerating a COVID-19 vaccine into clinical trials. For further information, please visit: